Answers to those nagging questions about our graphic design, web design and marketing process

Go ahead, ask me anything...

+ Who am I?
A web and graphic design company rolled lovingly into marketing agency, residing in peaceful Surprise, Arizona. My name's David Drew. How nice it is to meet you.
+ What is it I do exactly?
Put you on the web. Digital and interactive media are taking over as the new favorite form of getting and sharing information. Just as in any paradigm shift, there are those who are capable of guiding others through the fray and change. These guides are vital to bridging the gap between old and new media, and making sure that, while the way we get our information may have changed, the effectiveness of that communication is not lost. I am one of those guides, only I don't just tell you where to go. I build and helm your vessel and am the direct line between what you want and what you get.
+ "My kid can make websites," you might say. What makes me any different?
Put simply, my focus isn't to throw a bunch of whiz bang treats on your site (though I'm more than capable of doing so). It is to make sure that your marketing needs are being met. As a journalist and print media designer, my background is in communication in its most essential visual forms, so that's where I start. I go about learning who you are and what your company is about. I crystalize all of this and focus in on what your customers need to see to get them enticed. From there, I use my own judgment to determine what is needed in terms of manpower and delegate accordingly. Or sometimes, not at all. Not all projects are epically sized. Because of this all-encompassing approach to design and branding, we bring a tremendous value to the table.
+ While we're on the topic...
This is a close-knit operation, and not yet brick-and-mortar, which means that I don't have to deal with the cost of the additional overhead associated with an office complex or additional employees. Does that mean I'm limited by any stretch? Absolutely not. I've got a large catalog of 3rd party designers and developers in my little black book that I call upon any time I need to tackle a larger, more demanding job. A la carte employment, if you will. What all of this means to you is that we are priced very competitively and sized just for your business, and you'd be hard-pressed to find another design/marketing house that can deliver so much within such a reasonable cost.
+ Money's kind of tight right now...
The concerns about capital are obviously valid. Who has extra money to spend on marketing, right? What anyone wants more than anything right now is stability. But trouble in the economy can spell as much for opportunity as it can for difficulty. Consider this: Traditional media outlets are struggling to stay afloat, a sad truth. However, your marketing dollar has never been able to go further as it can right now. How about one of your competitors? Would you be willing to bet that they are also feeling a bit pinched, and thinking the same way you are? Good marketing and positioning has never been about following the leader; it's been about distinguishing yourself from the crowd. Most of the time, it's difficult and expensive to do this. Right now, it's cheaper and easier than ever.
+ Never heard of Surprise... or Arizona, for that matter?
Don't worry, I'm not insulted. In fact, I'd like just as much to work with you as the fine businesses in my small rural town. If you need references from previous clients, I'll be happy to provide them to you. One of the most brilliant advances that have come with modern technology is the ability to work across great distances. And with video conferencing, screen sharing and step-by-step job tracking, you'll be there every step of the way.
+ So, really, how much is all of this going to cost?
Generally speaking, I create an estimate based on a consultation session. It's based on how much time I believe the project would take me, broken down part by part, and itemized for your edification. From there, if any further negotiation is needed, we can discuss further details or scope. I'm sorry I can't give you any more than that, but, truly, every job is different.
+ So, what am I capable of?
Glad you asked. I've been working in design for five years in many different disciplines. Because of my diverse background, I can give you print design for all your collateral and advertising, and website and web app design and programming. Furthermore, I have a journalism degree, and am very capable of collaborating with you to come up with the perfect marketing copy. If you'd like to see specifically the kind of work I do, please check out my portfolio page. I only take credit for projects for which I was 100% in control. If you like to read resumes, I've got a humdinger for you.
+ Don't worry, you're not dreaming...
Though it's an understandable reaction. It's not often you can come to one place and find you can do so much with just one company. That's part of what makes me unique, and what makes me the personalized touch you're looking for to take you into the world of marketing and web. Thanks for stopping in here and learning a bit more about us. I hope that if you have any further questions, you won't hesitate to contact me personally. Form's at the right. Exit's behind you.

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