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oct 10

jQuery Vertical Align Function

You can't vertically align content very easily for websites unless they're contained in a <table>, but using tables isn't always an option. Since this is a problem I frequently encounter, I decided to write a jQuery function that does it for you. And since I'm all benevolent and stuff, I've decided to provide it here for your enjoyment.

It's not a true jQuery plugin, because I didn't write it as an extension, but it's easy enough in implementation.

function vertAlign(el, offset){
    $(el).wrapInner('<div class="vert" />');

        overflow: 'hidden'

    var box_height     = $(el).children('.vert').height();
    var container_height = $(el).height();
    var center_pad     = (container_height - box_height)/2;

    $(el).children('.vert').css('padding', (center_pad + offset) + 'px 0 ' + (center_pad - offset) + 'px');

To use this function, just copy the code above, and paste it after your $(document).ready(function(){});. To apply it to the DOM, suppose you have the following HTML structure:

<div class="one">
    <div class="two">
        Two's Content

If you wanted to center the content of .two, you would use the following code inside your .ready() statement:

vertAlign($('.two'), 0);

You'll notice a 0 after the call to the element in question. This is a vertical offset. It's an integer, and it's applied in pixels. A positive value here will result in your inner content shifting downward; a negative value will result in it shifting upward.

What the function does is wrap your content in a new <div> with the class vert, and then position that <div> using padding. Obviously, in order to work, the containing <div> (.two in the example above) will need to have a height, so make sure it has a defined height, is floated, or has overflow: hidden or overflow: auto applied to it.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Tags: jquery, css, styling, alignment, html, javascript, utilities

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